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Being in a constant motion market, training employees becomes a necessity for all organisations.
It is an everyday challenge to follow trends and respond to emerging needs, investing in our resources is the only way to achieve success.
At Training Choice we provide you with a full range of outsourcing services: virtual assistants, simple room hire or complete training packages.

     1. Allison™ your Virtual Assistant

Develop its business in a highly competitive environment is difficult for start-ups and medium-sized companies, hiring virtual assistants instead of in-house employees will not only help in the increase of productivity but also lower expenses.

Allison™ can assist you in:
▪ Business Development: List building, lead generation and follow up
▪ Marketing: social networking, social media and blogs management, telemarketing
▪ Customer Service: client service, customer support
▪ Personal Assistant: appointment setting, scheduling
▪ And much more

     2. Training Courses

Soft skills courses or PC based training courses
Whether you wish to train your employees on new information technologies or on new management or work methods, at Training Choice you will find the course you are looking for.
Thanks to over 12 years’ experience, we built strong partnerships that we now put at your service.
▪ IT
▪ Sales and Marketing
▪ Management
▪ Finance
▪ HR
▪ Health and Safety

For any course please contact us at:

     3. Training Instructors

You need to train your staff but don’t have the expertise to do the job?
Thanks to Training Choice’s contacts list you will always have access to experts.
Our experts can deliver the relevant courses both in our training locations as well as in your own facilities, depending on your needs.

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     4. Virtual Training

How do you train all your employees when your training budget is limited and your staff are not in the same location?
We now offer you the possibility to run your course in one of our locations combined with a virtual service (internet, video, sound access to the course in real time).
This virtual service allows your staff to utilise a training program regardless of their location. This will enable them to participate and to benefit from a fully interactive exchange.

Download Virtual Training Fact Sheet

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     5. Training Courts

Outsource selected parts of the education structure to us, this allows you to maintain profitable training services.
Whether you need a fully equipped office space to conduct your training (presented to look as if it is your own) or Marketing and Sales support (utilizing Training Choice’s marketing, sales teams and resources), we will provide with the best value service in the market.

You can also benefit from:
▪ Technical support and access to state of the art equipment
▪ Pre, during and post training support
▪ Administration support
▪ Business services
▪ And many more

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     6. Full Training Package

You need to train your staff but don’t have the time and experience to do it?
Delegate your training and the entire organisation to our training experts!

Using your individual requirements, we will organise and deliver the training program for you.
We will not only provide you the perfect training venue, we will also provide:
▪ Training courses (soft skills and PC based)
▪ Training instructors
▪ Training equipment
▪ Administration support
▪ Technical support
▪ Hospitality and Catering

By outsourcing all these tasks, you will focus on the work you have to do, rather than on the training you want to do.