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At Training Choice we constantly strive for excellence. We aim to add real value to our customers by providing innovative training outsourcing solutions and training outsourcing services.

We know that trust and respect are not the products of clever marketing; they are the result of well delivered, reliable and exceptional service. At Training Choice we are proud that our services meet and exceed these standards and we endeavour to continue developing our team, our products, our services and our strategy to further excel on your behalf.

Our mission:

The chief mission of Training Choice is therefore to support your organizational goals and deliver utmost client and customer satisfaction by providing high quality training solutions.  We closely work in partnership with our clients and ensure that training courses and facilities that we provide are designed specifically and customized to suit your requirements and specifications. We ensure that all learning is delivered in the most adaptable and comfortable environment with appropriate training methods adopted to meet your training needs.

Our Philosophy:

To provide a one stop education and 
training solution at cost effective prices internationally.
Our modus operandi is to develop a fully integrated training system which complements the experienced and highly qualified certified training staff to deploy efficient training management systems to meet the exact demands and needs of our clients.  

Our strategy for providing a well chalked out and documented training outsourcing business is to reduce overhead costs and increase profits consistently. Well researched government and industry studies reveal that outsourcing is the core strategy to help companies reduce operating costs and increase profits.

Our Philosophy revolves around the three main principles of providing outstanding quality, remarkable customer service and value added unique and innovative services at competitive prices. We seek to provide highly knowledgeable and creatively developed learning management systems in sophisticated and well planned layouts regardless of whether it is conducted in conference halls, training rooms, meeting rooms or any such virtual offices, Training Choice will strive to meet your specifications. The atmosphere and ambience we seek to create for our clients' aims at enhancing their learning process which in turn reaps great benefits for the organization.

Training management - how can we manage all you educations needs on your

Educational needs encompass the formal and ongoing efforts of companies to enhance self-fulfillment and performance of employees through different programs and variety of methods. In modern workplaces, these educational efforts have found more broad areas of application –from long-term professional developments to instructions in very specific job requirements. We have the best conference rooms and seminar facilities that are very ideal for businesses that are looking for room hire for their meetings.

Nowadays, company educational needs have emerged as one of the most integral components of strategy, policy and decision making. More and more businesses are embracing “continual learning” as well as other aspects of training and development specific to their jobs. These are efforts to promote employee growth and advancement and a means of acquiring a highly skilled taskforce. All these are geared towards the success and profitability of small and large businesses.

By large, the terms “educational training and development” describe the ultimate goal of employee success in an organization. We center our training programs on the application aspects. Also, our educational programs have quantifiable and specific goals in mind, such as operating specific type of machinery, performing specific procedures or understanding specific defined processes with greater precision. Still, some business functions require tackling the broader aspects such as goal setting, leadership skills and decision making. At Training Choice, we’ll help identify and tackle all or any of your educational needs.

Our educational programs offer numerous potential benefits to both small and large businesses. For instance, they help companies create pools of experience, knowledgeable and qualified replacements for staff that choose to leave, or those promoted to positions of authority. Our educational programs ensure that businesses have the required human resource necessary for its growth and expansion. In addition, our programs help businesses to exploit advanced technology and to effectively adapt to rapidly changing yet competitive environments.

At Training Choice, you can rest assured that will deliver on your staff’s motivation and efficiency for increased gains in both job satisfaction and productivity. Looking for a room hire? We have very ideal conference rooms with seminar facilities and all you may need to handle your meeting. Your business will begin experiencing reduced turnover, increased efficiency, a decreased need to supervise and enhanced employee morale. All of these educational programs promote a business’s vitality and financial health. Effective educational training kicks off with a company’s overall objectives and strategies. At Training Choice, we plan the entire process in advance as soon as we are done identifying and analyzing your company’s goals.

When it comes to developing the educational training strategy, we assess your company competitors, customers, societal or industrial trends as well as your business strengths and weaknesses. The other step is to utilize this information in identifying the areas of your business that require training; individual employees or the organization as a whole. We may need to perform an integral audit to help us understand the potential impact of the educational program. Additionally, we will help you identify some of the skills that your employees require now and in the future so that you always remain one step ahead of your competitors. Whether you have educational needs or looking for seminar facilities, conference rooms or a room hire for your meeting, feel free to contact us. We will gladly stand in the way to help.