training choice terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Room Hire Booking and Set up policy: - Training Choice's Room Hire bookings facilities are accessible from 9am to 6pm. All bookings are meant to be done within this timeframe. Training Choice will load a ghost image at no extra charge and recommends images that are created and tested by clients. Training Choice bears no responsibility for images loaded from other sources and computers and does not guarantee the working and functioning of that image.

On booking Rooms for hire with Training Choice, if the expected participants per room as stated in the booking is lower than that stated in the original booking, we require at least a minimum of 5 working day prior notice to modify the rates accordingly. If not, no changes can be made and the original rates will apply.

Training Choice charges additional amount for booking room outside the working hours (9am-6pm) or if you want to make use of the room during the weekends. If you wish to procure or make use of anything beyond the specifications mentioned by Training Choice standards, there will be a nominal fee. If you would like to make use of facilities for an extended time beyond the set timings please keep us informed in advance to help us make necessary arrangements for you.

Please NoteThe client will be held liable for costs arising out of any damage or loss of equipment and accessories during the room hire period.

Room hire cancellation Policy: Training Choice aims at providing you maximum comfort by procuring all requirements that match your specifications. To ensure smooth functioning Training Choice has to book services with external vendors and providers. Thus, Training Choice as a policy does not charge its Partners any cancellation fees for cancelled courses provided cancellation is made at least 3 working days before the first working day of the course either by phone or email.

Cancellations made within the last 3 days before the commencement of the course are not considered and are termed as "no show", for which you will have to pay the full and agreed amount for the course without any discounts.

Disclaimer: Training Choice provides free internet facility to all its clients and participants attending the course. However, Training Choice is not responsible for the quality and speed of the internet connection and will not contribute in any way by cash or kind to please any dissatisfied clients with this service. Hence cancelling a course on this ground is not applicable and the full cancellation fee will apply.