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     1. Rollout Models

Rollouts are the methods most medium and large organisations use for building the skillset of their own staff, partners and resellers and training them on new products and new technologies.

What we offer:

We use a systematic approach covering all areas of your company’s activities. Current and future training needs are identified and priorities assessed. We will look at job tasks, the technology used and specific skills needed to perform the tasks with that technology. We identify the gap or areas of improvement and then suggest suitable training solutions and recommend providers that comply with budget and time constraints. Thus a training plan will be created to make the most effective use of your available resources.

We will:

▪ Plan the rollout requirements
▪ Perform needs analysis
▪ Provide the resources to communicate and receive instructions from your organisation
▪ Manage time and allocate resources
▪ Locate and negotiate required resources
▪ Book and secure all relevant resources
▪ Monitor the project implementation
▪ Evaluate and analyse KPI
▪ Provide a full report

Furthermore, Training Choice also manage all the training logistics, from sourcing of appropriate facilities in all rollout locations, through logistic coordination and full-time dedicated technical support, up to hospitality and catering.
Training Choice’s training outsourcing expertise guarantee substantial savings on training rollouts, training sessions, maximum service levels and maximum flexibility.

Only one supplier for a complete and tailored service!

     2. Facilities Management

Entrust all your facilities management to the Training Choice experts. We specialise in the following:
▪ Administration
▪ Technical setup and support
▪ Morning and afternoon breaks
▪ Meet and greet of delegates and instructors
▪ Opening and closing of facilities
▪ Feedback and attending to issues during the training event

Other services are possible:

▪ Participant confirmations
▪ Instructor and participant management
▪ Answering calls
▪ Marketing and sales

Training Choice’s over 12 years’ experience in training outsourcing and as facilities provider ensures you a high quality service!

Training Roll out management - how can we manage all training roll out and major training projects on your behalf

Training can mean the difference between the success and failure of any business. Unfortunately, most small businesses (particularly those in customer care) often lack sufficient skills and training needed to handle clients in the best way possible. In one way or another, these professionals can’t afford to attend training during work areas. Moreover, business owners and managers often find some of these training and development programs as inappropriate and unspecific to the overall goals and needs of the business. Meanwhile, the conference facilities you choose can impact the outcome of your meetings. So be sure to choose training facilities that work for you as well as your staff.

Whether you aim is to increase sales, improve time management, operations and efficient business professionals that can handle complicated problems, training is and has always been the best solution.  Once you identify your business training requirements, take a systematic approach towards sourcing proper training and development from a trusted and reputable company –Training Choice. We have the conference rooms you need for your meetings. Let us help you enroll your employees on the best courses specific for their jobs.

Some of the areas we cover are discussed below:

Technical training

This training program encompasses educational programs that greatly vary in application and difficulty. As far as this program is concerned, we utilize its training approaches for instruction of factual information, technical concepts, procedures as well as principles and technical processes.

Sales training

In this case, we educate your staff to communicate effectively with their bosses, co-workers as well as customers in a persuasive yet polite manner. With this form of training, we enhance an employee’s knowledge of company products, inculcate positive attitudes, boost selling skills and enhance staff self-confidence. We teach your employees to distinguish the wants and needs of a client and to effectively pass company’s message to customers. Insistently, some conference rooms lack training facilities and may end up thwarting the overall goals of your meetings. Sufficient conference facilities will allow you to carry out the meeting effective and in time.

Clerical training

Clerical training focuses on training employees on matters related to administrative support. This aspect of training has recently diversified in roles. Computers and computer applications have increased in reliance which means clerical training should be inculcated into businesses to help distinguish fundamental skills from the ever evolving computer applications required to handle these skills.

Computer training

This embraces effective and proper use of computers, applications and software. This training program tackles the fear of technology that is seen in most employees. We help deal with resistance to changes that are bound to take place in your company.  We carry out this through our hands on experience that is supplemented by longer, uninterrupted sessions to allow employees concentrate while we make the point. Let the goals and overall business objectives dictate the kind of conference rooms you need. In case you have a large team, find training facilities that easily accommodate all each one of you.

Communications training

This is yet another very essential aspect of any company. We concentrate on the advancement of interpersonal communication skills which include oral presentations, reading, writing as well as listening. We avoid stylish communications and instead lay our focus on improvement of these basic skills. Moreover, the training is helpful since it focuses on present skills as opposed to rebuilding if from the ground up. This form of training can be handled on its own or in conjunction with other related disciplines. Get in touch for conference rooms at very affordable rates regardless of the size of your business.