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Virtual Training can be used as a means to provide high quality and flexible learning experiences to students learning at a distance in conjunction with face-to-face interaction, real-time collaboration and allowing distant learners to access learning experiences. Real-time collaboration, allows a range of uses for teaching purposes. These include:

A virtual classroom allows trainers and learners to engage in a virtual classroom environment at the same time, wherever they are, as long as they are connected to the Internet. It operates successfully over modem and broadband connections.

In an ever changing training environment coupled with modern technology and global needs, Virtual Training is the perfect answer for changing requests and modern solutions.

Now you can train all your employees or clients at a smaller budget when audience members are not in the same location.
We now offer you the possibility to run your course in one of our locations combined with a virtual service (internet, video, sound access to the course in real time).This virtual service allows your staff to utilise a training program regardless of their location. This ill enable them to participate and to benefit from a fully interactive exchange.

Utilizing Virtual Training technology offered by Training Choice will allow you to add paying participants or staff members located in diverse locations to the a course running at one of Training Choice’s location.

These participants will have the same almost the visibility as physically attending participants. They can see, observe, hear, participate and communicate as if they are present.

Utilizing this technology adds a great revenue stream from participants you would otherwise miss on and it saves on costly travel and accommodation costs.

What can Training Choice provide for Virtual Training