Join Training Choice Network

Training Choice network programs are rewarding programs for Training Choice’s affiliates, clients, partners and trainers are geared to benefit out community and provide forums and services beyond the client-supplier paradigm.

Training Choice networks aims to create a community for Training Choice’s business associates, where they can enhance their portfolio, receive extra services, help and be helped and be part of Training Choice’s emergent success.

By becoming a member of Training Choice Evolution - Instructors Program, freelance trainers will be registered on Training Choice’s experts list which will be available to loyal clients.

As a global training solutions expert, Training Choice offer members to benefit from a large brand awareness scope.

Freelance instructors engaged in this program will also have access to new business. This will be in the form of wide promotion of their expertise in Training Choice’s Experts list and through various communication campaigns engaged by the company including but not limited to PRs, website advertising and email campaigns.

Clients and partners alike will access new channels and be able to explore new avenues for business streams and for building new networks with the aim to enhance business visibility.

About Training Choice:

Training Choice is an International company, specialising in the providing of training outsourcing solutions to multinational clients all over the world. In addition to training rooms, training venues and training facilities, Training Choice provide a full range of training outsourcing services including instructors, training sales, training administration, logistical support, catering...