frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I organize a tour of your facility?

Please contact us at or call your nearest Training Choice location to arrange a time to visit our facilities.

What are your hours of operation?

Training Choice's standard hour are 8.30am - 5.30pm (Monday - Friday), however we are very flexible and accommodate requirements outside of those hours. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Where are you planning to open more facilities?

Training Choice is a dynamic training outsourcing company with current representation in 120 locations. Our facilities and operations are constantly expanding at a rapid rate. We expect to continue this expansion into the USA and Europe in the coming months and years. Contact us with your requirements in any location – we may be able to assist you even if we do not have representation there.

How much does it cost to hire a training room?

Training Choice room hire services are tailored to provide only what you require, which guarantees the most cost effective solution. For specific quotes please contact us via phone or email or alternatively complete our online booking form of our website. We will review your specific requirements and respond to you as soon as we can.

I'd like to join your newsletter mailing list - how can I do this?

To join our newsletter mailing list all you need to do is to register with our site. We will periodically send you a newsletter with the latest happenings and services at Training Choice.

I would like to speak to someone to discuss my requirements, who do I call?

Our competent, professional and extremely helpful representatives are committed to assisting you by answering all your questions. Contact us on the numbers provided on our website; or you can email us via "contact us" page.

How will my students know where to go when they arrive at your training centre?

Training Choice provides location maps and directions to make finding our facilities easy. Our friendly staff, instructors and trainers will meet and greet your students/participants when they first arrive to ensure they know where to go. Our Facilities Manager will then brief participants on the venues facilities, housekeeping matters, washrooms, refreshments, emergency exits and so on. Exceptionally helpful staff will be available at all times for any assistance required.

What is Training Choices Philosophy?

Exceeding Customer Expectations: Provide tangible benefits and excel in customer service.

Continuous Improvement: Unmatched quality control and maintained consistency through a strict set of procedures.

Providing Value and Innovation: Understanding education industry intimately in order to continually add new features to Training Choice's service in a constant motion market.

What hotels are near your training centre?

All Training Choice facilities are centrally located in our major cities, close to all hotels, shops, restaurants and public transport. All Training Choice visitors will be provided with a map of the local area (upon request). Contact us for any information you require on hotels, transportations, parkings, etc.

Where are Training Choice's headquarters?

Sydney, Australia
London, United Kingdom

What are Training Choice's main Services?

1.Rollout models

Rollouts are the methods most medium and large organisations use for building the skillset of their own staff, partners and resellers and training them on new products and new technologies.

What we offer:

We use systematic approach covering all areas of your company's activities. Current and future training needs are identified and priorities assessed. We will look at job tasks, the technology used and specific skills needed to perform the tasks with that technology. We identify the gap or areas of improvement and then a suitable training is suggested and providers recommended within budget and time constraints resulting in training plan to make the most effective use of your available resources.

We will:

- Plan the rollout requirements
- Perform needs analysis
- Provide the resources to communicate and receive instructions from your organization
- Manage time and allocate resources
- Locate and negotiate required resources
- Book and secure all needed resources
- Monitor the project implementation
- Evaluate and analyse KPI
- Provide a full reporting

Furthermore, Training Choice also manage all the training logistics, from sourcing of appropriate facilities in all rollout locations, through logistic coordination and full-time dedicated technical support, up to hospitality and catering.

Training Choice's training outsourcing expertise guarantee substantial savings on training rollouts and training sessions, maximum service levels and maximum flexibility.

Only one supplier for a complete and tailored service!

2. Facilities management

Training Choice experts handle all facility management aspects. Entrust your facilities management to experts:

- Administration
- Technical setup and support
- Morning and afternoon breaks
- Meet and greet of participants and instructors
- Opening and closing of facilities
- Feedback and attending to issues during the training

Other services are possible:

- Participant confirmations
- Instructor and participant management
- Answering calls
- Marketing and sales

Training Choice's over 14 years' experience in training outsourcing and as facilities provider ensures you a high quality service.

Room Hire

Training Choice offers sophisticated state-of-the-art training facilities equipped with the latest technology, providing the most economical an affordable alternative to permanent infrastructure.

The training rooms are large and bright, filled with natural light and equipped with the very latest in technology.

A 5-star service and presentation is what you should expect from all your providers, so your customers associate your organisation with nothing but value and prestige. We will continue to innovate, re-design and perfect our facilities and services, to deserve your continuous praise. We have added fibre-optic internet lines in some locations and will continue the process until this service can be supplied everywhere you require it. We have also added a new batch of high-spec PCs and will grow their numbers in this quarter to give you the choice to run your courses on latest technology in every one of our locations.

What is Training Choice's Worldwide coverage?

Training Choice worldwide offers you and your participants and clients these fantastic features:

- Conference, meeting and training rooms, state of the art equipment
- Market competitive, low rates
- Seasonal discounts (based on bookings)
- No additional charges
- Very lenient cancellation charges
- No insurance charges
- Flexibility to alter training schedules
- Flexibility to alter participant numbers
- Exceptional catering services
- Stylish, well-furnished break-out areas
- Continuous tea, coffee, fruits juices and other "delights"
- Cappuccino machines for the "serious" coffee lovers
- Complimentary morning and afternoon teas
- Full course continental menu available
- Conveniently located facilities. Close to transport, hotels and major shopping centres
- Logistical excellence regarding printing of training manuals, hotel reservations etc
- Continuous onsite technical support throughout the training
- 17 inch monitors. 80 GB hard disks
- DVD/CD ROM writers and readers
- Fully functional air conditioned rooms
- Phone, fax and email available
- Comfortable, flexible seating arrangements ensure maximum training results
- Whiteboards and flipcharts provided for case studies and team activities
- Wheelchair accessible

Why are we better than other providers?

We do not sell you a product - we know that hiring a training room is not about the room but about outsourcing part of your training service.?

Therefore we work with you to provide the solution you want. Every aspect is negotiable and tailored. What you receive is what you have engaged us for. Don't take any unnecessary risks, let us do the work and develop a solution for you today.

Facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, regional, global.