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Upcoming Training Choice’s events:

Please come and visit us in our new Perth training Venue. We moved into an upmarket and sophisticated New Training Facilities in Perth this month and would love to share this with you and welcome you to a visit. Large breakout areas, Many Training and Seminar Rooms in an excellent Training Venue. Please call us to arrange a visit to our Training Rooms at Level 2, 220 St Georges terrace in the heart of Perth CBD

Invitation to Training Choiceís new offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth
Training Choice is opening our doors for your visits!
This April is your opportunity to tour around our premises, get a feel of our new location, enjoy our sumptuous breakfast to start your day fresh and afternoon snacks to relax yourself from a week of work stress absolutely at no costs at all and the best of all is you will be entitled to our special door gift.
The visitation is designed to give you a first-hand view of all our new facilities including a larger and personalized breakout area with wireless internet access, and latest technical specifications in all our training rooms. Feel free to access our computers in any of the training rooms at anytime of the day.
We want you to personally experience what Training Choice have to offer.
Our team will be happy to assist you in your needs and further explore opportunities working with you. Most of all, it will serve as a platform for us to better understand your training requirements and furnish you with value added information that will benefit your training business.
Details of the invitation are as follows:
Brisbane April 13
Melbourne April 16
Perth April 23
Time: 9.30am-10.30am (breakfast provided) or
3.00pm-4.00pm (afternoon snacks provided)
As part of our opening celebration, we will also be extending our partner rates to all visitors, waiving the qualifying period of 6 months!!!
Donít miss out this exclusive offer! Call us now at 61 2 94600666 to confirm your availability and the number of people attending! We also welcome you to schedule visitation in another day.

UK - London: Network Evening
Perth venue familiarisation
Brisbane venue familiarisation
Canberra venue familiarisation
Melbourne venue familiarisation
North Sydney venue familiarisation

Latest Training Choice’s events:

19.10.2012: Sydney CBD Open Day Event
New facility, new services and new catering options were celebrated during the Sydney CBD Open Day.
Only Australian training outsourcing provider with two facilities in Sydney, Training Choice was thrilled to share this success and to offer a fantastic time, with menus and champagne tasting, to their guests.

08.03.2012: Melbourne Open Day Event
Huge event for a huge venue, around 1200m2 for training spaces and sophisticated breakout areas for PC based trainings and soft skills training.
With staff on hand to answer questions and opportunities available to visit the venue, this event was organised to bring people together around a tasty and delightful buffet.

16.06.2011: Canberra venue familiarization
The best way to choose you training venue, is to see it with your own eyes. Training Choice organised a trendy event to enable clients and potential clients to visit Canberra’s facility and to enjoy a nice moment around a glass of wine and some delicious canap√©s selected with taste from Training Choice’s succulent catering options.