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About Us

Training Choice
The Global Training Solutions Expert

Training Choice is an international training outsourcing company, specialised in providing state of the art training facilities, training rooms, training venues and training solutions to multinational clients all over the world.
Clients who need to hire seminar rooms, seminar facilities and seminar venues will find all their training space needs covered at Training Choice.
In addition to training rooms and training facilities we provide a full range of training outsourcing services including, but not limited to, Learning Management Systems (LMS), training courses, training instructors, training administration, logistical support and catering. This is all provided with all our conference rooms and conference facilities hire.

We offer training outsourcing solutions to leading companies and organisations. These solutions are fantastic platforms to showcase training expertise in an effective manner and to achieve training and development objectives.

You will have access to: a training partner providing the best value training facilities and training venues in more than 250 countries worldwide at competitive and affordable rates.

Our Philosophy
Exceeding Customer Expectations: Provide tangible benefits and excel in customer service.
Continuous Improvement: Unmatched quality control and maintained consistency through a strict set of procedures.
Providing Value and Innovation: Analyse and understand education industry intimately in a constant motion market, in order to continually add new features to Training Choice’s services.

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Training Facilities Hire - Benefits and reasons

The need and benefit of hiring meeting rooms in London

Businesses, both small and large, seldom require training rooms and therefore fail to justify having one of their own. In most cases, businesses only require a meeting room for very few hours of the week or even less. Therefore, hiring conference rooms on an ad hock basis ensures businesses benefit from the already available seminar facilities without further expenses.

At Training choice, we guarantee our customers the following:

Award-winning meeting rooms

Our rooms are created with unique architecture that perfectly fits into stylish modern conference rooms. Our conference rooms are excellent corporate venues to book whenever you need some space to carry out your meetings or seminars. Whether you want to reward your customers or staff with a celebratory lunch , impress your customers with a charity dinner or just need a light yet spacious conference room we have it all ready for you!  Our rooms offer a breezy atmosphere with easy functionalities that give an informal yet calm feel, perfectly for strategy or brainstorming meetings that require peace and tranquility.

Natural daylight filled spaces

 Our wooden-glass facility blends in with the natural surrounding environment outside perfectly due to the materials that it’s made from. It’s natural in both feel and appearance and breathes fresh life into corporate meetings, events and conferences. Our seminar facilities and training rooms were created with a mind of creativity and quick thinking often necessary for offsite team building, for half and full day meetings.

Unique atmosphere

Our facilities are among the world’s most inspiring and unique structures. In most cases, seminars are held in stuffy, bland rooms without space to breathe and think. At Training Choice, we are different and offer friendly happy services with excellent hospitality to all who choose to hire our facilities.

At the time of searching for a conference rooms, ensure that you first find out what they comes with. Some rooms are complete and have facilities such as flip charts and projectors. While others charge highly for the use of their facilities, at Training Choice, we offer our facilities to very friendly rates. Why overprice when we already have over 250 locations worldwide? When hiring, take note of the cost and amount of work required to prepare for the meeting. There is completely no reason for hiring conference rooms that lack essential seminar facilities. Also, hiring a projector and other necessities may be costly for a onetime event such as a seminar. At Training Choice, we have them all set up for you.

 The conference room that you choose to hire should be ready to use. In case you have to go through the set up all on your own, it can be very expensive and time consuming. It may seem too easy for a meeting that lasts, say, one day but very tiresome if you need the training rooms for regular meetings. Precisely, you need to get the most out of the meeting venue you choose. The seminar room should add to rather than subtract from the overall experience of the attendees. Therefore, take your time and make the right choice.