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    Training Choice Director Salah Banna Releases New Book 3

    The Competition With Outsourcing

    According to Webster’s dictionary, Outsourcing is "the purchase by a company of labor or parts from a source outside the company, rather than using the company's staff or plant". In other words, Outsourcing is the hiring of an individual, or individuals, from outside of your company to handle various aspects of your business.

    For entrepreneurs that are building their business on the internet, the main question tends to be "How will outsourcing help my business?"

    Throughout this book you will learn the many benefits to outsourcing, such as: Outsourcing allows more time to focus on your growing business Outsourcing is a significant way to expand your online company Outsourcing lends minimal stress on your financial resources Outsourcing leaves you free to work on more important tasks Outsourcing works for every phase of your business Outsourcing can be done locally as well as internationally.

    Training Choice is an International Training Outsourcing Facilities Company providing state of the art training rooms for hire, as well as seminar facilities and conference venues in over 250 countries worldwide, at competitive and affordable rates.

    Training facilities offered by Training Choice present excellent outsourcing solutions to leading companies and organizations, which are fantastic platforms for achieving training and development objectives.

    About the author:

    The co-founder of the premier global training facilities and seminar venues company, Salah Banna has a total of 25 years of experience in IT customers service in general, and IT training facilities and education venues in particular. Since 2003, Salah Banna has founded and managed numerous companies in Jordan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia the UK and in Dubai. He is also currently the CEO of NSK Pty Ltd in Australia, CEO of Business ME, as well as of Training Choice " Singapore, Malaysia and the UK.

    About Training Choice:

    Training Choice has been established in 2000 with the goal of providing high quality training facilities and training venues and training solutions to its clients from room hire and facilities hiring, to key training courses and managing of training roll out projects, remarketing and reselling client training, training logistics, conference venues, seminar rooms, computer room hire.

    The global learning services (GLS) offered by Training Choice include:

    Seminar RoomConference RoomTraining Room
    Seminar FacilityConference FacilityTraining Facility
    Seminar VenueConference VenueTraining Venue
    Seminar RoomsConference RoomsTraining Rooms
    Seminar FacilitiesConference FacilitiesTraining Facilities
    Seminar VenuesConference VenuesTraining Venues
    Room Hire

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