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    Training Choice Director Salah Banna Releases New Book

     For Immediate Release - Training Choice Director Salah Banna recently saw the release of his new book, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained. Released only last August 30 of this year, the book, co-written with 28 other authors who are experts on the field of marketing and entrepreneurship, is expected to become a hit to both newbies and other professionals in the industry.

    About Salah Banna

    Salah Banna is the director of the global Training Choice Pty. Ltd, one of the leading training outsourcing companies based in Australia. With over 25 fruitful years of rich experiences in the IT customers service and IT training and education, and after having founded and managed several companies worldwide, no one is better fit to speak of lasting and valuable tips in the light of currently trending industry practices than Mr. Banna.

    Sneak Peek: What’s Inside Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

    The book comes in a relatively small paperback package with only 278 pages as published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. That's not to say, however, that the 14 chapters are also anything like its outer form. If anything, the age-old adage "Don't judge the book by its cover" literally applies here.

    All 278 pages are packed with no-nonsense, insightful, relevant and practical tips on business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Sub-topics tackled include successful dropshipping by Sam England, driving traffic into your website by Shawn Casey, email marketing by Jim Ducharme, business ventures by Andrew Lewin, product and relationship development by Chris Jenkins, information marketing by Jason Myers, more on harnessing the potentials of the internet by Tracy Repchuk, Debbie Allen, and Jason Waldron, and a plethora of other experts.

    One good thing about the book is that, although divided into 14 chapters, each chapter can stand by itself and can be read and taken independently on its own. That’s something one can rarely say about other books that promise to provide helpful tips and insights to their readers. More than anything, the authors of Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained know that newbies, professionals, and company leaders alike have more actual work to do than sit through chapter after chapters before getting to the gist and the meat of the book and learn what the authors have been trying to say the whole time.

    Unlike other business motivational books, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, delivers bullet-information, straightforward helpful tips that directly drives the point home. Furthermore, every powerful insight that is fundamentally found in each technical, practical tip are also of universal nature so that even readers from other fields and industry will find something valuable they can relate to in the chapters and apply to their own respective fields.

    On Mistakes, Goals, and Rewards

    In the beginning pages, Mr. Banna discusses the common errors and real life-experience mistakes that people often make which could jeopardize their life’s productivity, and consequently, their business ventures. He also mentions the errors in setting goals and the risks and costs of not being able to distinguish the difference between goals and sub-goals.

    Getting The Book

    Copies of the book can be bought at For more information on Mr. Banna, Training Choice Pty. Ltd., its products and services, you can also visit or get in touch with the Global Customer Relationship Manager, Nadia Gaidarova through email at, or through phone at +447714689332.

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