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    Training Choice Sets The Scene For Key Expansions in 2014

     Training Choice is currently setting the scene for key and major expansions in 2014. Included in the 2014 expansion line up are their Perth, North Sydney, and New Zealand facilities. Training Choice's following can expect more details to be announced in the next few months.

    What Is Training Choice

    Established in 2000 as one of the pioneering provider of outsourced training services, Training Choice has now become one of the leading companies in the industry with facilities and services in 250 key locations worldwide, from Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, United States, and Canada.

    Training Choice Products and Services

    Training Choice offers some of the best, value-for-money products and services to their clients in the industry with client-tailored packages. At Training Choice, Room Hiring can only mean quality presentations, trainings and conventions using the latest state-of-the-art technology, spacious breakout area, and large training rooms with computers and equipment use that's custom-fit to suit client's requirements and specifications.

    Outsourced training courses, another service offered by Training Choice, includes industry-specific, key PC-based training courses such as IT, Management, Sales and Marketing, Health and Safety, Finance, and HR. All courses are delivered by Training Choice's set of professional instructors who are experts in the field.

    Aside from room hire and training courses, other products and services at Training Choice include roll out and facilities management with dedicated support, virtual training, needs analysis, and catering.

    News of any expansion may not come as a surprise to their clients who know about the company's proven track record for surging growth. In only 8 years, Training Choice has expanded to New Zealand, India, Dubai, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the United States, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, United Kingdom and Germany.

    To date, most Training Choice facilities are already large and spacious enough to accommodate 50 persons in their theatre room layouts and up to 30 persons in their standard, classroom style layouts. The 2014 expansion plans, however, are designed to accommodate even more training and seminar delegates and participants.

    Training Choice as Cost-Sensitive Delivery Partners

    Physical expansions not only benefit the company’s multinational clients by accommodating more delegates in one single event. Training Choice’s physical and geographical expansions also work towards clients' advantage by providing more facilities, making seminar and conferences logistics more convenient and more affordable to them as training facilities can be accessed to locally. This means lesser cost to their clients.

    Aside from facilities expansions, the company has developed a reputation of regular technical upgrades and remodeling of their current, existing facilities in order to implement new technology and accommodate the growing demand for their products and services.

    Physical Growth With Product and Services Development

    Training Choice does not stop at physical expansions. In stride and keeping with the industry's constantly-evolving needs and demand for unique services, Training Choice has also recently launched their virtual assistant hiring services, and the global learning services or GLS. 

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