Outsourcing Instructors for Various Tasks

You may find that you need to outsource for many different reasons. Smaller companies do not usually have their own instructors, and even larger companies are starting to see the benefits of outsourcing most or all of their outsourcing needs.
Instructors for outsourced training are available to help with many different needs and they have a variety of different specialties. When choosing the courses and instructors, it is vital that you know which ones are going to be the most beneficial for your employees.
The following are some of the many different types of outsourcing training instructors that can help your business and your employees. We will go into more detail about these different types of training as well as how the training can benefit your business later.

Sales Training

Companies who sell products and services need to have a sales staff that is competent and highly trained. Quality trainers can provide sales teams with the skills they need to do well, and this area of outsource training is growing quickly.

Facilities Management Training

Training someone to manage a facility could be vital to the success of your business. Quality training will ensure that the managers you have at your various facilities are doing the type of quality job that your business requires.

Administrative Training

Another area where you will find quality instructors is in administrative training. The instructors can help to train employees with basic and advanced administrative skills, from computer work to client interaction on the phone, and much more.

The above are some of the most important areas where instructors that offer outsourced training can help businesses today. Delving into the different types of outsourcing training, from computer and software training to learning how to deal with customers, will offer up even more outsourcing options.
In summary, the common types of outsourcing instructors:

  • Sales training
  • Facilities management training
  • Administrative training

The Benefits of Outsourcing in the World Today

Outsourcing training is offers tangible benefits, some expected and some unexpected.

Reduce Unnecessary Staff

One of the first benefits companies realize when they outsource is the fact it will reduce the in-house training staff needed. Some companies do not actually have a staff dedicated solely to training. Instead, use current employees to help those who come aboard.

Improve Quality of Training

While using current staff might have worked in the past, the world moves at a much faster pace today. It’s not feasible to have current staff halt their work to train new hires. In addition, when current employees train new comers, it can breed bad practices. If one of more employees doesn’t follow protocol and routine, and then trains others to take those same shortcuts, it can lead to a number of problems for any type of business.

Better Development of Employees

Those companies who choose outsourced training will also be able to focus more on the development of employees with leadership potential. With so many training options, it will be possible to guide and nurture employees to ensure they have the best chance to excel at the company.

Lowering Overall Cost

Lowering the overall cost with outsourced training is perhaps one of the biggest advantages it can offer, and this is the reason that so many companies are adapting it.
Consider the amount of money that you have to spend on your current employees who are doing nothing but training, or who are spending a large portion of their time training other employees. They could instead be doing their regular jobs.
Rather than hiring new training personnel to come to your site and become your employees, it makes far more sense to outsource those training needs. When you outsource, you are hiring independent contractors for the training. This means that you will be able to save on all of the costs of having those trainers on your staff. You will not have to pay additional benefits or wages. You only pay for the training services that you are going to utilize.

No Need for More Space

Also in the realm of costs are your infrastructure and the room that you have for training your new hires. Most companies do not have extra space for training, and it means that training groups will often take over meeting rooms that might be needed for other tasks, not to mention actual meetings.
Outsourcing provides a better option. Training companies will often have their own buildings and spaces where they will be able to conduct the training. While there are trainers that will come to your location, having a separate area for all of the actual training can be very beneficial in regards to how quickly employees will learn their new jobs.

Working with Professionals
Companies who decide to outsource need to be certain they are making use of the best training companies available. Working with professional trainers and instructors means that your employees are going to learn far more easily and quickly in most cases. The sole job of the trainer is to teach, and they hone and perfect their craft. Instructors have perfected their methods of teaching for different types of students, so you can be sure that those who take the training and do well are going to be great employees for your company. The professionals are also able to offer evaluations, as well as follow-ups, to ensure that the employee truly does understand the training and will be able to complete their tasks efficiently and according to protocol.

Speed of Learning

Because the vendor offering the outsourcing training focuses only on the task of training, and does not have to divide attention amongst other areas and duties, it means that the speed of the training is often greater than in house trainers can provide. Although different employees may learn at different rates depending on the task, professional, outsourced training is a faster and more efficient way for most of them to learn.
This can be vital for those companies who have jobs with a high turnover rate. The last thing businesses want to do is spend an exorbitant amount of time and money training someone for a job that they will only keep for six months. Faster and more efficient training is able to soften the blow of high turnover.

After Training Analysis

After employees go through training, it is still important to have an analysis of skills they’ve learned during the training process. In house trainers will often gloss over this area. The trainers want to get the employees to work, and they don’t always make sure that employees truly learned during all of the lessons taught.
With third party, outsourced training, this isn’t going to be an issue. Training professionals are able to offer analysis as well as support after the training. Some of the companies offer mentoring programs, as well as evaluations several months after the training to ensure competency.
In summary, outsourcing training is able to offer the following benefits:

  • Reduction in the need for in house training staff
  • Eliminate bad or lazy practices taught through onsite staff
  • Easier to develop new leaders in the company
  • Save money
  • Reduce need for more space
  • Professionals teach the employees
  • Learn faster and more efficiently
  • Evaluations for competency
  • Mentoring programs for new employees

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Expansions and New Services

Services re-design

Our services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra have undergone a re-design for the enjoyment and comfort of your clients and participants.
We are now matching our flexibility and unparalleled professionalism with high-class, corporately styled interior and expanded catering menu with additional services that are unique to us. We will continue to seek ways to improve your experience in our seminar rooms.  It is our unwavering commitment to provide you with the best possible seminar venue.
“Whenever I get an opportunity, I tell everyone that if they require outsourced facilities they should go to Training Choice!”
Comment from a customer,
Training Choice Expansion 
Training Choice continues its’ steady expansion towards global coverage. Making Training Choice your preferred supplier puts you in a privileged position to schedule classes in almost any location in Australia and the world.
After our recent expansion to Europe with the opening of our London training and seminar venue, new expansions and new facilities will be announce soon.
Your objectives have always been the driving factor for everything we do.
“Assistance and customer service provided by the staff made our job so much easier as facilitators!”
Comment from a customer,

Training Choice Opens Its New European Headquarters in London, UK


Training Choice – the largest worldwide network of training facilities announces the official opening of its London headquarters to provide all equipped training rooms and conference styled facilities to European clients.

Given Training Choice’s constant development and their success in providing training facilities in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and America, the company now offers their over 14 years’ experience and expertise to European clients.
As a start, Training Choice will provide training facilities and related services in over 40 locations in the UK, 10 in Germany and will soon supply all equipped training and conference rooms in France, Italy, Spain and beyond.

Training Choices’ headquarters will be located in the Marble Arch Tower, London; benefits of this European business central location are competition, proximity and accessibility.
The opening of this first European office marks an important step in Training Choice’s continued international growth. The London office will enable Training Choice to better serve existing clients and expand the company’s roster of international clients.
Training outsourcing offers professional industries and organisations a fantastic platform to showcase their training expertise in an effective manner; to achieve their training and development objectives. Training Choices’ aim is to deliver service excellence to maximise results; follow and respond to markets needs and remain close to customers.

Supporting rapid growth

Training Choice’s new headquarters will act as a central hub for the company’s facilities supplying offering across the European market.
Salah BANNA, EMEA Director, will lead the London operation office. Salah comments: “We committed to our clients and partners to become the largest worldwide network of training facilities and the inaugural of the London headquarters is a testament to our customer centric focus to continually ensure we meet the needs of the market”.

Training Choice’s clients now have access to over 250 locations worldwide providing state of the art facilities for training, conferences and meetings. Training Choice will be looking to provide more services to their clients and expand their presence in areas where it will benefit their customers, partners and the community at large.

About Training Choice: 
Training Choice is an International company, specialising in the providing of training outsourcing solutions to multinational clients all over the world. In addition to rooms and facilities, Training Choice provide a full range of training outsourcing services including instructors, training sales, training administration, logistical support, catering…
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Contact: Sofia DA SILVA – Europe Marketing Executive

Tel:  +44 20 7859 8355
Email: sofia@training-choice.com

Training Outsourcing, Is It the Way to Go?

Training outsourcing, is it the way to go?

The business world today is different from the business world of a few decades ago. Today, companies rely increasingly on technology for many different aspects of their business, and the use of technology is making outsourcing easier. Companies are using outsourcing for a host of different reasons, from making actual sales calls and handling customer service to training their own employees.

Growing number of companies are making it a point to outsource their training because of the sheer number of benefits it offers. Let’s first look at all of the various benefits outsourcing training can offer, and then get into the details of the various areas and specialties where one can receive employee training.

for more information, please visit www.training-choice.com

Training Choice Unveils its Second Location in Perth, Western Australia

Training Choice Unveils its Second Location in Perth, Western Australia

Training Choice unveils its second location on Level 1, 105 St. Georges Terrace, Perth, WA adding on to its already existing facilities on Level 7. The expansion of the office is at a great time to meet the increasing demands and needs of our clients for larger sized training rooms and conference styled facilities. The additional level includes rooms that can now accommodate up to 30 participants in a classroom-style layout and up to 50 delegates in a theatre-style layout.

Given that Training Choice recently announced an expansion in 2009 to over 100 locations in USA, and with more expansions in the pipeline, this impressive statistic proves that Training Choice’s service superiority and commitment has lead to success even with the hard pushes from the global economic outlook.

Training Choice’s clients and partners now have access to over 200 locations worldwide providing state of the art facilities for training, conferences and meetings with one single point of contact. “We committed to our clients and partners to become the largest worldwide network of training facilities and the expansion of the Perth office is a testament to our customer centric focus to continually ensure we meet the needs of our clients”, Mr. Salah Banna, Director, Training Choice said.

Training Choice will be looking to provide more services to current clients and expand their network of partnerships in areas where it will benefit their customers, partners and the community at large.

About Training Choice
Training Choice (training-choice.com) is an international state-of-the-art training outsourcing Facilities Company with the sole objective of providing quality, sophisticated Learning Management Systems (LMS) to international audiences. Training Choice provides in addition to facilities the full range of Training Outsourcing services: Instructors, training sales, training administration and logistical support. Training outsourcing offers professional industries and organizations a fantastic platform to showcase their training expertise in an effective manner; to achieve their training and development objectives. Training Choice is a pioneer in providing training outsourcing solutions to multinational clients all over the world.

Australian Expansion

Training Choice is pleased to announce the future expansion of it training facilities and services to four more cities in Australia – Perth, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide.
This will provide all our clients, partners and potential customers with an added value and make booking facilities and training rooms in all cities easier and less expensive.

Training Choice will be extending its current very attractive rates and great service to the new locations. In addition we will extend our no cancellation fee policy, no contract and no hidden fees.
Clients now will have access to facilities in more than ten locations using the same point of contact, professional services and friendly teams.
Training Choice provides the best services in the market at the best rates.

Major roll out in 20 locations

From Tokyo to San Francisco  book your rooms with us.

Training Choice now has a network of own and partner facilities in most major cities in Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Europe and North America. You can use our services to book facilities in any city by talking to any of the team members, who are all trained to take the inquiry and the hassle.

Training Choice and Microsoft hold a joint press conference in Kuala Lumpur

Microsoft has appointed Training Choice Malaysia as a Microsoft Learning Centre in Malaysia.
The new accreditation from Microsoft expands on our current Red Hat and IBM training centre status and is another proof of Training Choices strong position in the market as well as a testimony to our reputation of a market leader in the training outsourcing arena.
Training Choice will concentrate on the high end courses and training that can add the highest value to the customer community.
Mr Banna, Training Choice Director, said today that plans to expand into Penang and East Malaysia.

More Training Expansions!

In the last 12 months we have expanded our network of services geographically to all major locations in Australia, New Zealand, and Dubai and in APAC to include India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata; Hyderabad, Chennai); China; Bangkok; Hong Kong and Indonesia. Recently we have undergone our yearly upgrade of systems, hardware and network.

We are now able to service the most complex setup requests and high requirements, providing exceptional and competent service throughout the training, with zero turnaround time for any technical issues and instructor/participant requests.
Whether it is a one day training or permanent room with high tech equipment – we provide the best value, giving you a complete hassle free arrangement.