Expansions and New Services

Services re-design

Our services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra have undergone a re-design for the enjoyment and comfort of your clients and participants.
We are now matching our flexibility and unparalleled professionalism with high-class, corporately styled interior and expanded catering menu with additional services that are unique to us. We will continue to seek ways to improve your experience in our seminar rooms.  It is our unwavering commitment to provide you with the best possible seminar venue.
“Whenever I get an opportunity, I tell everyone that if they require outsourced facilities they should go to Training Choice!”
Comment from a customer,
Training Choice Expansion 
Training Choice continues its’ steady expansion towards global coverage. Making Training Choice your preferred supplier puts you in a privileged position to schedule classes in almost any location in Australia and the world.
After our recent expansion to Europe with the opening of our London training and seminar venue, new expansions and new facilities will be announce soon.
Your objectives have always been the driving factor for everything we do.
“Assistance and customer service provided by the staff made our job so much easier as facilitators!”
Comment from a customer,

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