Aim Higher!

We are lifting the bar in training venues to deliver better results.

When you need a training facility, there’s no need to lower your standards. Just call Training Choice. Nobody looks after training participants as well as we do – and when your delegates are happy, that means better business for you. Something which is always top of mind for us. Take our unique ‘no cancellation fees’ policy:
rather than impact negatively on your revenue, Training Choice lets you keep your initial booking right up to the last minute – instead of having to cancel along the way. And if you do need to cancel in the end, we won’t charge you. We also provide the best technical equipment available, with constant support and availability guaranteed. Plus our free catering menu is second to none, which adds enormous value
and enjoyment to the day.

• Total flexibility with last minute changes
• No charge for changes or cancellations
• Free catering – with an elaborate menu
• No extra charges for setup or equipment
• No hidden costs at all

So next time you’re looking to hold a training session or seminar, look up. Because that’s where you’ll find Training Choice: right at the top.

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