In today’s age, Outsourcing is a buzzword in the corporate world. The scenario is such that almost every business enterprise, takes aids from an outsourcing service once in a while. Outsourcing is not just limited to the IT sector, infact a lot of business ventures make use of these offshore services for various purposes. When it comes opting for an outsourcing service for organizing trainings and meetings, Training Choice is an entity which most professionals turn to.

With an experience of more than a decade, Training Choice is a popular training outsourcing firm which is known all over the globe for offering a set of world-class training facilities, conference rooms, venues and related services to their transnational clientele.

Annual Maintenance ContractWhether you want to go for a room hire service or want to avail some brilliant hospitality services, Training Choice is the place for you to be. The other classic services which can be availed from the house of Training Choice are related to Learning Management Systems (LMS), Training Courses, Training Instruction, Catering and Logistical Support.

Training Choice also provides a set of wonderful Rollout and Facilities Management services to its clients.


Rollouts are the processes which offer business organizations a holistic approach to help them perk up their skill sets. It involves honing the skills that their partners, resellers and staff possess.

This training outsourcing firm follows a methodological approach in providing services which cater to all aspects of a company. They look into improving the technical skills of a company by providing an exemplary set of services. Training Choice works by chalking out the rollout requirements for a firm. They analyze all the needs of a company and then provide resources which are required in going about with the process of organizing an event. Under their section of rollout services, time management and allocation of resources is something which is given a good amount of consideration.

Training logistics is also something which Training Choice aims at managing through its services. It provides round-the-clock catering, hospitality and technical support services. All these services that are provided by Training Choice are highly flexible and are genuinely priced.


The aspects that Training Choice covers under it Facilities Management section is: Administration of the entire event, Provision of technical support services, Organizing meetings with foreign delegates, Marketing, Sales, Participant and Instruction management etc.


If you’re looking for a professional service provider for hosting a training session, meeting, conference or a seminar, you must get in touch with Training Choice, irrespective of where you are located. Training Choice has its roots spread over 250 locations around the world and this is what accounts to its credibility as a training outsourcing firm.

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