Manage your growing training needs effectively!

Manage your growing training needs effectively!

Innovation begins with an idea, but progress is the result of tailored solutions for an organisation.

In the United States alone, for example, corporations are faced not only with training, but also with the retraining of 50 million workers who have been displaced because of the worldwide economic downturn.

The need for high value training has not only become more important, it has become crucial to the long-term success and sustainability of businesses today.

Training needs to be personalised, scalable, and customizable to a company’s needs and goals, providing solutions to multinational concerns and global changes. The workforce is changing, and the executive that understands this new landscape requires more than simple training resolutions.

A key issue in the management of training options is logistics. Organising training sessions can become cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to ineffective results and less effective employees.

For the past ten years, Training Choice has supported international companies, providing high value training rooms in more than 250 countries. With these resources, companies can enjoy a number of benefits, including:

• Increased productivity – Managing logistics of meetings takes time away from pressing business concerns and tasks. Handing training management responsibilities over to a professional training organisation allows for maximum productivity, while still addressing training needs. In addition, trained employees are better prepared to complete their job responsibilities in an effective manner, saving time, money, and the need for retraining.

• Cost reduction – By using a shared resource model with multiple clients, Training Choice has been able to decreased project costs 20% to 30%. Additionally, training models are set up to fall within company budget constraints.

• National/international rollout support – From the planning stages to the final rollout and evaluation, organisations are supported at each step of the process, ensuring the maximum results.

• Facilities management – Training Choice will oversee the administration, technical setup/support, feedback, insurance needs, and other facilities details, allowing for training sessions to be focused on the content, rather than the costs of increased involvement.

As one of the most experienced training solutions providers, Training Choice steps in and helps with growing training needs today.

By focusing on continuous improvement, Training Choice is able to offer value and training expertise to enhance overall training needs, both now and in the coming years.

With state of the art training rooms and Learning Management Systems (LMS), Training Choice knows what supports professional development and how to manage the most complicated training needs from beginning to end. Their global presence spans from Australia and Europe, over to America, ensuring international support and convenient facilities.

Training Choice works closely with an organisation to determine the best possible training arrangement, combining all of the training requirements into a cost-effective solution. Companies can also choose to book a room or a training course online through their website at

Results-driven organisations have everything to gain by outsourcing their training needs with a company that has been creating innovative training solutions for over a decade.

To learn more, contact Training Choice to assess your current training needs.

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