Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

While outsourcing training can be one of the best things that a business can do today, it’s still quite important to avoid some of the common mistakes that many companies make. The following are some of the top mistakes to avoid when beginning to look for training services for your own company.

Understanding Your Budget

Outsourcing training is going to save money for businesses, as mentioned earlier. Still, companies need to make sure that they are working with training partners who will be able to provide great service at an affordable price. Know and understand the pricing structure what the fee entails before choosing a company for training needs. Of course, quality should trump price.

Choose the Right Trainers

Knowing your budget is one thing. Choosing a training company because they are cheap is another. You don’t want to choose a training outsourcing company based solely on the price. Quality is the most important factor, as mentioned. Research the company, look for testimonials from other businesses that have used them, and understand what type of training the company can provide. Some training companies will have certain specialties, and you need to make sure that you are using the right company for your training requirements.

Make sure that the company is able to offer follow up training, evaluations, and other elements to ensure your employees come away from their training experience with the best possible knowledge of how to excel at their jobs.

Not Measuring the Results

You have to have some way of determining how successful your training outsourcing is for your company. Without having some sort of benchmark by which you can measure the effectiveness of your training, it will be impossible to determine just who successful it was or wasn’t.

In sales training, for example, look at the amount of sales, in volume or dollars, your company made in a quarter before outsourcing training. Then look at the sales in the quarter after training. Do so again for the following quarter. Check and see that the number of sales increased from before the training and either gained or stayed the same after the gain post training.

You can measure similarly for all of the other types of training that you might outsource. In fact, the training company should offer evaluations to determine just how successful the training was.

If you find that you aren’t making any measureable gains with the training, or that it isn’t as cost effective as you had hoped, then you might want to consider a different trainer.

Good outsourced training should make your job simpler, and it should make your company run more efficiently. If it doesn’t, there is a problem.

In summary, avoid these common mistakes with outsource training:

  • Not understanding your budget
  • Choosing poor trainers for your outsourcing partners
  • Never measuring results to see the success or failure of the training


It is easy to see that there are many wonderful benefits when companies choose to outsource their training. Whether you need help with your sales force or your facility managers, quality training is available.

Examine all of the benefits that outsourced training can provide, and then talk with instructors about what they can do for you.

Chapter 6: Outsourcing after Training Follow-UpsWhen choosing a company for outsourcing training, one of the most important things that you should consider is the type of training follow-ups and evaluations that they offer. Quality companies will always have some type of training follow-up that will help to ensure that your employees are able to retain the knowledge and skills that they’ve learned.

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