Training Choice announces that March 8th will be an Open Day for its new state-of-the-art training facilities in Melbourne.

Training Choice will hold an Open Day to mark the opening of the ultimate in prestigious training facilities in Melbourne

Training Choice, the most prestigious worldwide network of training facilities, announces the plan to open new training facilities in Melbourne. The brand new facilities will be providing the ultimate in style, technical sophistication and comfort.

For Immediate Release – February 20, 2012 – Training Choice announces that March 8th will be an Open Day for its new state-of-the-art training facilities in Melbourne.

Training Choice will showcase the standard of the facilities which is bound to become an industry standard. The facilities are designed to meet the increasing demands of organisations and professionals for sophisticated venues for hire and the growing requirement for larger sized training rooms and conference styled venues.

Training Choice will hold open days for its other facilities in the near future and for all new facilities opening this year.

About Training Choice:
Training Choice is an international state-of-the-art Training Outsourcing and Facilities Company which provides high quality, sophisticated facilities for hire to national and international organisations, businesses and government. In addition to facilities Training Choice provides the full range of training outsourcing services: Instructors, training sales, training administration and logistical support. Training outsourcing offers professional industries and organizations a fantastic platform to showcase their training expertise in an effective manner; to achieve their training and development objectives. Training Choice is a pioneer in providing training outsourcing solutions to multinational clients all over the world.
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Training Choice Wins

2011 was a year of growth of the exclusive Training Choice client community. An impressive list of leading organisations moved their business to Training Choice. The reason for that was the unwavering commitment of Training Choice’s team to high level service and customer care.
As one of our new clients put it: “Unlike your competitors, you are not a sales organisation.” And it is true – our real work begins after we have won you as a customer.

At Training Choice we have developed a customer care strategy based on 3 main principles:

The staff member who brings you as a customer is the one responsible for your satisfaction – this maximizes accountability and ensures your account manager is not focused on your revenue, but your satisfaction.
Management is involved in every processes and available to you at all times – quality control and immediate addressing of concerns is guaranteed.
Your feedback is constantly gathered and acted upon – you can count on ongoing improvement.

We are happy to share our new customers’ feedback with you – we are very proud of it and will work hard to achieve the same from your participants.

Please call us to discuss your requirements. We look forward to demonstrating to you that we never take our customers’ business for granted.

“What is your view of Training Choice facilities and staff?”
“Excellent facilities, helpful staff, it just works! Thank you.”
13 Jan 2012