Add Some Panache to Your Portfolio: Be an Ambassador with Training Choice

We’re all aware about the fact that the importance of outsourcing services is increasing at a lightning speed. Especially in the corporate world, outsourcing has a special place. Business entities are turning to outsourcing for nearly everything now. As far as outsourcing services related to training facilities, meetings, seminars and conferences is concerned, Training Choice has been taking the topmost slot eversince it was established.

For nearly a decade, Training Choice has been providing a world-class set of services related to hiring rooms for seminars, conferences or training. Also, they provide a fantastic array of hospitality and catering services. A lot of business enterprises from all over the world make it a point to avail the services of Training Choice due to the kind of brand name that it is. By associating with an experienced and efficient firm like Training Choice, an enterprise can easily chisel out a place for itself in the corporate field. The kind of seminar rooms, conferences and training sessions which a company hosts is actually what lays a good impression on the minds of its clients, in turn giving it a better share a success.

If you’re running a business and want to give a brand new definition to it, Training Choice has a brilliant Evolution Program for you. With this leading training outsourcing firm, you can be an ambassador and represent your business across the globe.

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Training Choice Evolution – Ambassador

Under this program, new and lucrative opportunities for the business partners are created. The Evolution program – Ambassador helps an enterprise boost up its profile and allows it to taste a speedy success. By taking up the Training Choice Evolution Program, you’ll be able to avail a myriad set of benefits.

  • The members of this program get special access rights to various networking events.
  • Members are also eligible for a cut of 30% of the income from bookings done by new client that a member refers to us.
  • Lots of free coffee coupons are provided to the members every time they work with us.

On becoming an ambassador through our Training Choice Evolution program you will be eligible for receiving an exclusive membership card which will entitle you to enjoy all benefits listed here.

Boost Up Your Portfolio by Joining Training Choice’s Evolution Program

With its headquarters in Australia, Training Choice is one of the most popular training outsourcing firm. It provides an exceptional array of services to enterprises for hosting seminars, meetings, conferences and training sessions. Their room hire services are the most popular ones. Along with providing seminar rooms, training rooms and conference rooms etc on rent, Training Choice is a company which also provides a number of other services available to its clients. Hospitality services, Rollout management and Virtual Training assistance are some other services that this established outsourcing firm provides.

Training choice EvolutionUnder the virtual training assistance service section, Training Choice has a special facility where it makes Training Instructors available to its clients. These instructors come handy to the enterprises that are on the lookout for people to train their staff. The instructors which Training Choice provides to its clients are all highly experienced and qualified to hold training sessions. With this special service, trainers and clients both, achieve massive benefits.

If you’re a trainer and want to be associated with Training Choice, this could be just the bit of information that you need. Training Choice holds a special Evolution Program under it where freelance instructors and trainers are provided with a brilliant opportunity to add several accolades to their names. This program aims to provide freelance instructors with a platform to enhance their skills. Also it acts as a medium where instructors and clients can both find access to new business deals. For the instructors, this program is highly beneficial as it allows them to advertise their courses and showcase their instructing skills.

You can easily get in touch with Training Choice and give a boost to your profile. All necessary details about the Training Choice Evolution Program can be availed from the official website. Grab particulars about this program today and give new wings to your career today.

All About the Proficient Array of Seminar Room Hire Services by Training Choice

training center Hosting seminars, conferences and meetings is something which plays an imperative role in the growth of a business. Now-a-days, the amount of success that comes in the way of an enterprise is greatly dependent upon the kind of events that are hosted under its name. Be it related to a business arrangement or congregation with a team, if organizing a seminar or conference has just rushed past your mind, Training Choice is the company that can help you.

Based in Australia, Training Choice is a ground-breaking training outsourcing firm. With a long-list of happy clients from all over the world, Training Choice has its expertise in providing seminar room hire services. For over a decade, this company has been the answer for various enterprises that wanted to host seminars but had no clue regarding how to go about with it.

Under the seminar room hire services, Training Choice makes the finest type of meeting and seminar rooms available to its clients. The services which are provided by them are considered to be of the world-class quality. Most of the room-hire services by this leading training outsourcing firm can be availed at the major cities of Australia like Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Everything from the choice of venue to the range hospitality services that are required for a seminar or conference to be held perfectly are provided by Training Choice at a really affordable price.

Seminar rooms which Training Choice provides its clients with come loaded with a world of features. Equipments like overhead projector, VCR, Flip-Chart, TV, PC, DVD, Radio and CD are made available to every client when he hires a seminar room with Training Choice.

Other Facilities which form a part of seminar room hire service package are as follows:

  • Free WiFi Facility
  • Availability of Refreshments like Tea, Juice, Coffee etc
  • Dedicated Admin and On-Site IT Support Service
  • Virtual Training Service
  • Furnished, Comfy and Stylish Sitting Area
  • Proficiently Capable and Ready-to-Help Staff
  • World-class hospitality, customer service and catering services

For any kind of business you own, in case you’re on a look-out for a firm that can help you with hosting a seminar with your clients or staff, Training Choice is the organization which can help you in the best possible way. You can avail an entire world of information by visiting their official website. Also, you can make use of a lot of their services at 250 different locations around the world.


In today’s age, Outsourcing is a buzzword in the corporate world. The scenario is such that almost every business enterprise, takes aids from an outsourcing service once in a while. Outsourcing is not just limited to the IT sector, infact a lot of business ventures make use of these offshore services for various purposes. When it comes opting for an outsourcing service for organizing trainings and meetings, Training Choice is an entity which most professionals turn to.

With an experience of more than a decade, Training Choice is a popular training outsourcing firm which is known all over the globe for offering a set of world-class training facilities, conference rooms, venues and related services to their transnational clientele.

Annual Maintenance ContractWhether you want to go for a room hire service or want to avail some brilliant hospitality services, Training Choice is the place for you to be. The other classic services which can be availed from the house of Training Choice are related to Learning Management Systems (LMS), Training Courses, Training Instruction, Catering and Logistical Support.

Training Choice also provides a set of wonderful Rollout and Facilities Management services to its clients.


Rollouts are the processes which offer business organizations a holistic approach to help them perk up their skill sets. It involves honing the skills that their partners, resellers and staff possess.

This training outsourcing firm follows a methodological approach in providing services which cater to all aspects of a company. They look into improving the technical skills of a company by providing an exemplary set of services. Training Choice works by chalking out the rollout requirements for a firm. They analyze all the needs of a company and then provide resources which are required in going about with the process of organizing an event. Under their section of rollout services, time management and allocation of resources is something which is given a good amount of consideration.

Training logistics is also something which Training Choice aims at managing through its services. It provides round-the-clock catering, hospitality and technical support services. All these services that are provided by Training Choice are highly flexible and are genuinely priced.


The aspects that Training Choice covers under it Facilities Management section is: Administration of the entire event, Provision of technical support services, Organizing meetings with foreign delegates, Marketing, Sales, Participant and Instruction management etc.


If you’re looking for a professional service provider for hosting a training session, meeting, conference or a seminar, you must get in touch with Training Choice, irrespective of where you are located. Training Choice has its roots spread over 250 locations around the world and this is what accounts to its credibility as a training outsourcing firm.

Training Choices offer for 2013-2014 FY

Training Choices offer for 2013-2014 FY

This month is your great chance to sign a contract for ‪#‎TrainingFacilities‬and ‪#‎TrainingRooms‬ at the current extremely low rates. As of July 1st, rates for ‪#‎Training‬ Facilities will go back to their 2007 levels as current rates are not sustainable.

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Training Choices offer for 2013-2014 FY

This month is your great chance to sign a contract for #TrainingFacilities and #TrainingRooms at the current extremely low rates. As of July 1st, rates for #Training Facilities will go back to their 2007 levels as current rates are not sustainable. 

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#roomhire #conferencerooms #corporateevents
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Training Facilities Update

From the very moment when you choose us to organize your meetings and seminars, we consider it to be our responsibility to provide you with classic room hire services. Our selection of venues and array of facilities completely depends on the type of event that you choose to host. Also, we make it a point to provide a professionally managed touch to your meetings.


Training Choice reinforce their room hire offer with additional services and new catering options.

Training Choice, the global training solutions expert, creates new product set and new services to compliment and supplement current offering. Clients will now have access to many more profit enhancing services.

Training Choice has introduced a set of new products and services to enhance the experience of its clients and partners using their rooms, venues and facilities for training.
The new set of complimentary services to its room hire business will make Training Choice’s offering the most comprehensive and complete in the market and will lead to better profitability for its clients.
Training Choice, the most experienced training facility provider in Australia and globally, is now bringing its expertise in the area of catering, virtual training, training aids and training systems to its loyal customer base.
Three separate programs provide training room users with extended coverage for everything from room, equipment, catering, aids and new innovative solutions.
No other provider has made this kind of commitment to working, actively participating and engaging with its clients and partners to bring about services that are easy, unique and profitable.
“We see this as a natural extension of our business.” said Salah Banna, Training Choice’s CEO. “Our clients and partners are looking for new profit opportunities and new innovations in this very competitive and cost-sensitive economy. Training Choice services meet both these needs.”
For a list of new catering and services, please contact us at:

About Training Choice:
Training Choice is an International company, specialising in the providing of training outsourcing solutions to multinational clients all over the world. In addition to rooms and facilities, Training Choice provide a full range of training outsourcing services including instructors, courses, training administration, logistical support, catering and many more.
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Training Choice Promises more Value for Clients in 2014

Training Choice Promises more Value for Clients in 2014
International provider for training facilities and seminar venues aims to leave the competition behind by offering business clients more value through personalized services
(Name of city), Australia – Australia based business training facilities provider, Training Choice, sets it eye on the number one spot for training resource provider this year. The company plans to back its plans for success by guaranteeing more personalizes solutions for its business clients than its larger counterparts.
Training Choice promises a more personalized approach towards providing businesses a budget friendly way to ensure that the intellectual resources are fully engaged in meeting their business objectives. The company hopes to maintain and grow its position as a leading training outsourcing organization for providing rollouts and facilities management services for organizations in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.
A spokesperson from the company had this to say when asked how the company plans on distinguishing itself from its competitors, “Businesses that offer the same products have one mantra; they have to have rollouts that depict their products in a more attractive way than the competition’s. We help them acquire the training rooms and seminar facilities they need to make that happen faster.”
The spokesperson also adds how being a smaller business makes it convenient for the businesses that hire the expertise of the professionals at Training Choice to acquire flexible services. According to the spokesperson, services that are based on such a business model give the company’s experts the chance to provide more value to businesses especially those whose growth depends on an evolving economy, consumer demand and business practices.
“We are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that each client who partners with us is provided services that are fully customized to fit their business goals,” the spokesperson says, “That is more than what larger corporations that specializes in the same offer this year. This is one of the most obvious benefits of hiring us, a business that offers to adopt a more flexible approach to providing corporation the training venues they need to handle new business challenges better. Larger chains are more concerned about acquiring their own bottom line results. To our experts, it is the bottom line of our business partners that matters the most.”
In addition to providing training rooms and seminar resources to global businesses, Training Choice also specializes in assuring efficiency in training processes, reducing the costs that are associated with it, and helping business clients maximize their infrastructure investments.
About Training Choice
Training Choice is a leading training outsourcing organization. The company specializes in providing resources such as seminar rooms, rollouts, training facilities and conference rooms for businesses that are based in Australia and other countries across the globe. In addition the company also specializes in providing its clients and business partners with the efficient training resources they need at lower rates than other services of the sort. This is possible through its vast network of training services, venues, logistical support, catering services and more.
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