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Your choice for seminar venues and outsourced corporate solutions
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Training Choice is an international training outsourcing company that specializes in providing training venues in Australia as well as on a global level. We know that an increasingly challenging market economy compels both local and international businesses to perform more than ever before. In order to maintain their competitive advantages businesses are required to initiate dynamic strategies; strategies that can only be implemented if managers initiate Learning and Development programs that pertain to business processes that will make it efficient for them to increase or maintain their ROI. However, a lack of internal resources compels businesses to forgo such strategies in favour of activities that are solely business critical.
This is where we come in. Training Choice is committed towards supporting the goals of your business as much as you are. Our expertise lies in providing clients tailored training solutions through budget friendly prices.
With Training Choice as your support, your business will be able to –
1. Acknowledge and address business objectives more efficiently
2. Recognize tangible cost savings
3. Gain quality services from an outsourcing company that is a recognized leader in the niche
4. And more
Corporate managers know that their human capital is their greatest asset. Global economic conditions and the businesses of today need to initiate more comprehensive training sessions in order to ensure measurable value to organizations.
We at Training Choice specialize in providing businesses with a large network of training rooms and seminar rooms for businesses in Australia, Asia, New Zealand and beyond. In addition to providing training venues for specific business needs, our full range of outsourced training services include –
• Instructors
• Training sales
• Training administration
• Catering
• Logistical support
• And more
Our experts are experienced in creating customized solutions that are based on your particular business objectives and IT infrastructures. With over 250 strategically placed offices worldwide, we provide a range of seminar facilities for training, conferences and meetings for a wide range of businesses and industries.
Your ROI depends on the ability of your human capital to leverage best practice solutions to sustain business growth. Let us do the work in providing state of the art training facilities and outsources solutions for your business in your city.

Training Choice Announces Launch of Roll-out Arm

North Sydney, Australia — (SBWIRE) — 10/30/2013 – Training Choice, a well-known international training outsourcing company, is launching its’ management and support arm for training roll-outs and projects. The company aims to meet the needs of clients looking for excellent training or seminar rooms to hold training programs, such as new product launches, new training events, staff training or annual conferences.

“Many companies have their roll-outs at the end of the financial year but preparation starts much earlier,” says Mr. Banna, Director at Training Choice. “We specialize in providing the entire support for the project or roll-out requirement in our own state-of-the-art training facilities in all major locations. In addition, we locate and equip facilities in remote locations, manage the logistics, the coordination, the communication with locations and participants, the shipment of materials and equipment, installation, testing, networking, etc – anything the client wants us to take on board. We have been providing training rooms, training venues and training solutions to multinational clients all over the world for 13 years. In fact, we are equipped to handle projects with highly complex requirements in any part of the world and have done that for major Australian organisations – industry leaders and government departments.”

Training Choice is turning out to be the best alternative for companies, which need to train a large number of employees in different locations at a short notice. The firm has a proven track record in handling roll-outs successfully, regardless of the location the companies want their programs to be scheduled. Training Choice can offer the facilities required in regional as well as metropolitan destinations. Their services cover all aspects of training or seminars, including equipment and administration.

The company claims to provide the highest quality of service at prices that are at least 20 to 30 percent lower than the conventional costs quoted by other providers. Clients acknowledge that Training Choice lives up to their expected quality standards in terms of administration and services, even when seminar rooms, conference rooms and training facilities are booked at an extremely short notice.

Companies that opt for Training Choice services can look forward to doing business with a training partner with unmatched experience in providing reliable and need-based training facilities and venues in more than 250 countries. Moreover, they offer their services at highly competitive rates that beat the industry price tag average by a long distance. The company is deeply committed to its’ customer-centric philosophy of meeting customer expectations and looking at ways to keep improving the quality of service they provide across the board.

Training Choice advocates a systematic approach and encourages its team of professionals to first assess the current and future training needs of an organisation. If the client requests, a training rollout plan is then created accordingly by taking into account the budget and time constraints. If the client has their project manager, Training Choice works with that project manager to take on board the work they want to outsource. Experience and testimonials prove beyond doubt that Training Choice has the resources and manpower required to handle a roll-out with the highest degree of efficiency.

About Training Choice
Training Choice is an international training outsourcing company, which specialises in training facilities, training rooms, venues and training solutions to multinational clients all over the world. They offer training facilities and venues in over 250 countries at competitive rates.

Services provided by Training Choice:

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Training Choice Launches “If You Find A Better Deal, We Will Beat It By 10%”

In keeping with Training Choice’s philosophy of providing a one-stop place for training and education solutions at cost effective rates to their international clientele, Training Choice is once again, seen to be raising the standards of the industry one notch higher and setting the trend for quality services at cost-effective rates with their “If You Find A Better Deal, We Will Beat It By 10%” promo.

Matching Competitor’s Prices Plus 10% Discount

This offer is for clients who can find a better deal than what Training Choice is currently offering. If and when they come to Training Choice from another comparable training outsourcing company, Training Choice promises to beat their competitor’s rate by matching their price plus adding a 10% discount on top of the room hire rates.

More About Training Choice’s Room Hire Services

Training Choice’s Room Hire Services are at the highest standards globally.

Clients have the option of choosing their classroom style and layout. Clients and participants will enjoy the wide spaces, spacious breakout areas, air conditioning and natural lighting, making it conducive for learning and training.

The services included in addition to room hire, facilities and equipment, wireless and connected internet, free tea and coffee for the delegates and participants, free dedicated on-site information technology support, and free dedicated admin support.

More than use of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and the latest technology, Training Choice also provides their client the option to add other services into their room hire such as virtual training solution, and catering services. When clients choose Training Choice training venues, they also get the assistance from Training Choice’s professional staff, logistics assistance, and customer’s service.

Clients can request for the use of electronic equipments such as laptops, memory hire, fiber optic internet, data projector, LCD screen, microphones and lapels, video cameras, AV stations, teleconference equipment, smart wand for presentations, music or audio players. Office supplies are also available upon request, ranging from the most basic essential packs, to basic hamper, to luxury hamper, etc.

Options also include printing, copying, and labeling services – from scanning to mailing, making documentation and dissemination a hassle-free task for their clients.

Custom-Tailored Room Hire Service

All Room Hire service bookings are done according to the client’s specific needs and requirements. This means that clients get to cut training outsourcing costs by handpicking only the options and services which they want included in their package and by doing away with the items they don’t need.

With the launch of Training Choice’s “If You Find a Better Deal, We Will Beat It By 10%”, Training Choice is once again establishing its mark as one of the premier providers of cost-effective quality training outsourcing solution in the industry.

Seminar Venues

Training Venues

Training Choice Director Salah Banna Releases New Book

For Immediate Release - Training Choice Director Salah Banna recently saw the release of his new book, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained. The book, co-written with 28 other authors who are experts in  the field of marketing and entrepreneurship, is expected to become a hit to both newbies and other professionals in the industry.

About Salah Banna

Salah Banna is the director of the global Training Choice, a leading training outsourcing companies based in Australia. With over 25  years of rich experiences in the customers service and training and education space. After having founded and managed several companies worldwide, no one is a better fit to speak of lasting and valuable tips in the light of currently trending industry practices than Mr. Banna.

Sneak Peek: What’s Inside Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

The book comes in a paperback package with 278 pages of valuable tips for entrepreneurs and business experts

The 278 pages are packed with no-nonsense, insightful, relevant and practical tips on business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Sub-topics tackled include successful dropshipping by Sam England, driving traffic into your website by Shawn Casey, email marketing by Jim Ducharme, business ventures by Andrew Lewin, product and relationship development by Chris Jenkins, information marketing by Jason Myers, more on harnessing the potentials of the internet by Tracy Repchuk, Debbie Allen, and Jason Waldron, and a plethora of other experts.

A great feature of the book is that each chapter can stand by itself and can be read and taken independently on its own. That’s something one can rarely say about other books that promise to provide helpful tips and insights to their readers. More than anything, the authors of Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained know that newbies, professionals, and company leaders alike can use the individual chapters as references specific to their needs.

Unlike other business motivational books, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, delivers bullet-information and straightforward helpful tips that directly drives the point home. Furthermore, every powerful insight that is found in each technical, practical tip are also of universal nature so that readers from other fields and industries will find something valuable they can relate to in the chapters and apply to their own respective fields.

On Mistakes, Goals, and Rewards

In the beginning, Mr. Banna discusses the common errors and real life-experience mistakes that people often make which could jeopardize their life’s productivity, and consequently, their business ventures. He also mentions the errors in setting goals and the risks and costs of not being able to distinguish the difference between goals and sub-goals.

Getting The Book

Copies of the book can be bought at For more information on Mr. Banna and on Training Choice, its products and services, you can also visit or get in touch with the Global Customer Relationship Manager, Nadia Gaidarova through email at, or through phone at +447714689332.

Training Choice now launch Allison™, a Virtual Assistance service that will revolutionize small- and medium-sized businesses lives.

June 10th, 2013

Training Choice, the global training solutions expert, with over 12 years’ in the outsourcing business offers dedicated virtual assistants to enhance small- and medium-sized companies’ productivity.

Developing business in a highly competitive environment is difficult for start-ups and medium-sized companies, hiring virtual assistants instead of in-house employees will not only help lower expenses but also increase productivity.

Training Choice new service launched as Allison™ is geared to assist businesses and business owners in many ways and in different fields.

Allison™ takes over business development tasks such as list building, lead generation and follow up; marketing tasks like telemarketing, social networking, social media and blogs management; personal assistance activities such as appointment setting, scheduling; customer service or support and much more.

“Recruiting a new employee is always a heavy process and a substantial cost for a small or medium sized business, this is why we are proud to offer a solution that allows the development and growing of small companies without the expense. Hiring a virtual assistant is a simple way to achieve higher productivity while reducing costs”, says Salah BANNA, Training Choice CEO.

Clients have the opportunity to choose their own employee(s). All they have to provide is a job description and appropriate candidates with the skill level, education and experience desired are proposed. Interviews with potential applicants’ are organised online.

For further information email Training Choice at

About Training Choice:
Training Choice is an International company, specialized in providing of training outsourcing solutions to multinational clients all over the world. In addition to rooms and facilities, Training Choice provide a full range of training outsourcing services including instructors, training sales, training administration, logistical support, catering…

For further information visit:

 Contact: Sofia DA SILVA – Global Marketing Executive
Tel: +44 20 7859 8355/ +61
1 300 557 535

Training Choice Launches Global Learning Services

6  May 2013, Australia – More than a decade ago, at the forefront of a then-emerging outsourcing industry was Training Choice. Understanding the need for every young industry to have sustainable training resources, Training Choice opened its doors to clients and offered services which were indispensable in developing an industry.


Launched in 2000, Training Choice is an Australian-based company which aims to provide one-stop solutions for the training delivery needs of its international clientele at cost effective rates. Among its basic services are rental of training venues such as seminar rooms and conference rooms; training facilities such as computer training facilities and state-of-the-art equipment; and technical support such as dedicated on-site IT and admin support. The company also offers key courses such as IT, Sales and Marketing of their client training, Management Courses, Finance, Human Resources, and Health and Safety. Another service the company offers is virtual training for multinational companies whose employees are at various locations around the world.

Today, Training Choice has 100s of branches of its own and that of its partners spanning across several continents: The Pacific region, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Global Learning Services

The company also offers its very own global learning services. Training Choice’s GLS is built on and around the goal of becoming its client’s delivery partner by providing them with quality training and education services, adding real value to packages with innovative training outsourcing solutions and training outsourcing service. Clients have much to gain by outsourcing all cost ineffective, heavy infrastructure bound and low margin training services to Training Choice’s global learning resources platform. Catering and offering total training outsourcing to most of the Asia Pacific region and to Australia, Training Choice has established and stood by its goal of, indeed, being a one-stop education and training solution through:

  1. Provision of venues and facilities;
  2. Provision of training instructors;
  3. Planning, deployment, and managing of training roll out projects, both internal and external;
  4. Re-marketing and re-selling clients’ training;
  5. Production and distribution of manual;
  6. Managing facilities across worldwide locations;
  7. Outsourced administrative tasks and participant communications;
  8. Large-scale, complete training projects and roll outs, including planning the roll out requirements;
  9. Other services that may be required by clients such User Acceptance Testing (or UAT), and Needs Analysis and providing full report of such.

The client determines the very range and degree of services, as well as the tasks and offerings to be handled and managed. This allows the client more flexibility in the implementation of its’ cost-effective strategies by selecting those tasks and services only, which offer the highest return of their investment.

Commitment to Excellence

Thanks to 13 years in the training outsourcing industry, Training Choice understands that trust and respect are not the products of smart marketing, rather, they believe it is the result of well executed and well delivered, exceptional services being provided consistently by a reliable and excellent team and wise choice of delivery partners over a considerable period of time.

Interested companies may get in touch with their Global Customer Relationship Manager, Nadia Gaidarova through email at, or through phone at +447714689332. Bookings and inquiries may also be done online at

Training Choice Sets Eyes On Bigger And Better Facilities For Perth

Training Choice Sets Eyes On Bigger And Better Facilities For Perth

Training Choice announces its plans to move to bigger modern facilities in response to the market’s growing demand for customized and flexible training venue options.

For Immediate Release – May 9, 2013 – Training Choice recently revealed a plan to move to new larger facilities that can accommodate more participants and delegates. Details are yet to be announced but clients can only expect improved facilities and even larger venues than any previous expansions.

About Training Choice

Training Choice has been providing outsourced training services in over 250 locations across Australia, Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas since 2000. For a solid 13 years now the company has offered services which include training venues, training courses, virtual training, logistic management, administrative support, major rollout and facilities management.  In 2009 Training Choice was awarded “Best Performing Certified Training Partner” in South East Asia by the RedHat/Apac at the Japan Conference. The superior new catering service introduced recently was met with raving reviews by clients.

Why All The Expansion

Training Choice understands that companies prefer not to invest in the construction of their very own training rooms and facilities as well as one-time use training equipment when they can have the option of professionally run purpose built training facilities. Especially when the outsourcing is not limited to the facilities only. Instead, Training Choice offers partnership through cost-effective rates for training venues and services and assists the growth of their clients by providing economical solutions and allowing clients to put in their investment where it yields high return or long-term company use.

Track Record for Company Growth

Training Choice has had an impressive record of company growth and development. In 2006, the company expanded its network of services to key locations all over the world: Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, India, China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Indonesia.  This was followed by their 2009 expansion to key locations in the United States.

In 2010, Training Choice opened its Brisbane facilities, while at the same time, expanded its Perth operation by adding a second location on Level 1, 105 St. Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia. This new facility added spacious training rooms and conference facilities that accommodate up to 30 persons in classroom-styled layouts, and as much as 50 in their theater room layouts. With upcoming plans of expansion, the new location is set to accommodate an even much larger crowd.

The 2010 growth was followed by a remodeling and major technical upgrade of its Canberra facilities in 2011. In the same year, Training Choice expanded its Melbourne facility by nothing less than an entire floor. The following year, Training Choice opened for business in the United Kingdom and Germany. In 2012, just two months after opening its operations in Europe, Training Choice built its second facility in Sydney. By geographical expansions, bookings of facilities in the area are made easier and more cost-effective for the clients. Such dynamic growth and expansion can only be attributed, no doubt, to the company’s unrivalled performance and dedication to excellence and their commitment to act as delivery partners to their clients and contribute to their clients’ growth.

Interested companies may get in touch with their Global Customer Relationship Manager, Nadia Gaidarova through email at, or through phone at +447714689332. Bookings and inquiries may also be done online at